Strategic investment

Thesis driven hedge fund investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain

Rather than try to pursue every niche of the blockchain ecosystem, we make a conscious effort to focus our attention on our highest conviction and most differentiated theses.
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A fresh approach to crypto trading

Having invested and traded across a broad range of markets, our team has a wealth of experience to bring to the crypto space.
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Strategic Investment

We believe Ethereum is a generational investment headed into 2022, learn how we'll leverage this cryptocurrency to generate returns for our investors.
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Thesis Driven Approach to Investment

If you're thinking of investing in crypto, learn more about how we approach investment and create generous returns for our investors.
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An Exclusive Interview with Our Founder on Hedgeye TV

In an ever-evolving investment landscape, digital assets stand at the forefront of innovation and challenge. Our founder, Hal Press, recently shared insights on Hedgeye TV in the latest webcast series, […]

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North Rock Digital receives a Recognition Award for Excellence from Barclay Hedge

Managing a digital hedge fund that uses cryptocurrency requires a deep understanding of the market and the underlying technologies that power it. It also requires the ability to manage risk […]

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Hal talks with Scenius Studios about blockchain and first principles perspective

In this episode, I sit down with Hal Press, Founder, and CEO of North Rock Digital. North Rock is a fundamental, thesis-driven, long/short crypto hedge fund. We discuss Hal's assessment […]

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Trading Crypto Inflection Points

In this episode of Empire, Hal Press joins Mike and Jason to discuss his investment thesis. It's no secret that Hal is an ETH super bull, and this episode makes […]

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BlockCrunch: Finding Edge in Crypto 2023
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Hal Press

About US

Prior to founding NRD in 2021, Mr. Press worked as a senior analyst covering the technology sector, at Maverick Capital, a $12B Equity hedge fund. Earlier in his career, he worked at Morgan Stanley serving as an Associate in a variety of divisions including institutional equities, equity research and investment management/private equity. Mr. Press holds a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University

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